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Here are the home games for our Tiger teams in semi finals!

Bantam Wildcats Saturday March 3rd Azilda arena 430pm

Peewee Tigercats Sunday March 4th Azilda arena 2pm

Peewee Icecats Sunday March 4th Azilda arena 330pm

Bantam Tigercats Sunday March 4th Azilda arena 5pm

Come on out and cheer them on!

Best of luck to the Novice and Atom teams in the ROWE playoffs this weekend!

TUESDAY APRIL 03, 2018 7:00 PM


1. Welcome by President
2. Acceptance of Agenda
3. Acceptance of Minutes of 2017 AGM
4. Introduction of 2017-2018 RBMHA Board Members
5. Treasurer’s report
6. Registrar’s report
7. Ice Convenor Report
8. Tournament report
9. Coach of The Year Award
10. Review of Cross ice implementation of Initiation program
11. Novice half ice implementation for 2018-2019 season
12. Nominations of Board Members 2018-2019
13. RBMHA Rep program reinstatement
14. RBMHA Constitution amendments
15. Election of Board Members
16. Other
14. Adjournment


RHP Has many summer programs that you may all be interested in. Please follow the link for more information.


About the Program
The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) Bursary Program was introduced in 1997 to recognize and reward dedication in education and hockey. The program provides financial assistance to registered OHF participants to offset the cost of post-secondary education. Over the past 21 years, the OHF has distributed more than $420,000 to over 390 post-secondary students.
Each year, the OHF awards bursaries to outstanding young people who display an incredible amount of commitment both at the arena and in the classroom. The bursary recipients are determined on the basis of academic achievements, hockey involvement and community involvement.
2018 OHF Bursary Program Eligibility & Application Requirements
Eligibility Requirements:
To be eligible to receive a bursary, a candidate must meet the following criteria:
• Be registered for three (3) years within the OHF in any capacity (player, trainer, coach, official)
• Be registered with the OHF during his/her application season
• Be a registrant in good standing with the OHF
• Enrolling in post-secondary full-time studies in Canada for the first time
Required Documentation:
OHF Bursary Application Form
• A letter from the candidate (maximum 500 words, single spaced) outlining his/her contributions to hockey, what the game of hockey has meant to him/her and other information such as volunteer or community involvement
• One (1) letter of reference from current school on official letterhead (non-relative)
• One (1) letter of reference from a hockey related organization on official letterhead (non-relative)
• Complete copy of Official School Transcript is mandatory
• A copy of candidates mid-term marks summary
• Applicants will be scored based on their personal contribution to hockey and the community as well as their school related submission (the scoring is equally weighted)
• The number of recipients and the amount awarded to each will be determined by the OHF Bursary Committee
• Where financial assistance is needed, consideration will be given

Visit the OHF Website for more information